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9 Dec 2013


Christmas gatherings are the trending topic these days. Prepare all your festive food but leave a space for your DIY creations. What about handmade Christmas crackers?

Here is  a tutorial to make them, just a few guidelines, your imagination will do the rest! ;)

First of all what we need is:
- Three empty toilet rolls
- Confetti
- Balloons
- Sweets

 Take the three empty toilet rolls and place them in a row on the centre of the tissue paper and roll them around it.

Just pull out one toilet roll, just a little to leave a gap between the two empty toilet rolls. Twist the tissue paper and push it in.


 Take a piece of thin hemp cord and tight up your Christmas cracker. Then, remove the toilet roll and put your mini-gifts inside. Here is where your creativity wakes up. Depends on the addressee, the stuff into the cracker will be different. But if you don’t know what the addressee likes, it’d better put some party items into it (a paper hat or crown or handwriting jokes) or if you want to sweeten your dinner choose some sweets: chocolate coins, lollipops…

Do exactly the same at the other side. And that’s all! Easy and quick! You have no excuse not to have your Christmas crackers on your plate in your Christmas dinners. Decoration is up to you... We chose washi tapes and Christmas felt pendants! What is your choice?


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